WC Statement at ACSC/APF 2014

Women’s Caucus’s participation through two workshops ‘No Genuine Community without ASEAN Women’ and ‘ASEAN Community free from VAW’ and through two plenary speaking spots in ‘The ASEAN in the Prism of Globalization and Multipolar World’ and ‘Where are the people in ASEAN  2015 integration and beyond?’, was able to highlight the importance of women’s role in ASEAN community building process. To re-emphasize on the greater role of women and need to address women’s issues, WC members drafted a joint statement, in the spirit of largest civil society event held so far in South east Asia, the ASEAN Civil Society Conference/ASEAN People Forum 2014 in Yangon, Myanmar. The link of Statement is: WC_Joint Statement-ACSC 2014

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WC’s follow-up letter to ACWC on19th Feb CSO Dialogue

APWLD and Women’s Caucus representatives who attended 19th February CSO Dialogue drafted a follow up letter to ASEAN Commission on the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Women and Children (ACWC). The Dialogue which was on on the implementation of the Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Elimination of Violence Against Children, and the ACWC work plan for 2012 – 2016 was attended by:

  1. Ivy Josiah/ Women’s Aid Organisation (Malaysia), APWLD and Women’s Caucus
  2. Rena Herdiyani/ Kalyanamitra (Indonesia) and Women’s Caucus
  3. Usa Lerdsrisuntad/ Foundation For Women (Thailand )  and Women’s Caucus
  4. Dinda Nuurannisaa Yura/ Solidaritas Perempuan, (Indonesia) and Women’s Caucus
  5. Pengiran Datin Paduka Hajah Mariam binti Matarsat/ Council of Women/ Majlis Wanita (Brunei Darussalam) and Women’s Caucus

The letter reiterates and draws attention on points raised during the dialogue and reaffirms its commitment to assist ACWC. Please click in the following link for the letter. Link is: WC_Followup letter.19th feb.Dialogue_28.FEB.2014

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A look at ASEAN Declaration on Violence against Women and Violence Against Children

The purpose of this brief analysis is to assist the reader to understand the positive points and the shortcomings of the ASEAN Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Elimination of Violence Against Children adopted at the 23rd ASEAN Summit on 9 October 2013.  Principally drafted  by the ASEAN Commission on the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Women and Children (ACWC), this declaration could give hope amidst disappointments. Below is the quick look at the DEVAW and EVAC.

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Singapore Consultation on ASEAN key documents

26th Oct, Singapore, Maruah,

WC Singapore member MARUAH, organized one day ‘Consultation on Key Documents of ASEAN’. Attended by 50 participatns from various Civil Society organizations, the consultation saw discussion on:

a) ASEAN Charter
b) The Three Community Blueprints
c) The Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women and the Elimination of
Violence Against Children in ASEAN
d) The Guidelines on Accreditation of Civil Society Organisations

Various observations and recommendations were laid down and the document has been submitted to ASEAN secretariat, AICHR, ACWC and likewise. The document (please click this)

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Women’s Caucus’s Reaction to ‘ASEAN Political Security Blueprint

Nov, 15, Jakarta:

During the ‘Workshop on the Human Rights Implications of the ASEAN Community Blueprint’ held in Jakarta, Indonesia from 12 to 13 November 2013, Women’s Caucus was invited to be one of the reactor to the ASEAN Politiacal Security Blueprint. Speaking on behalf of Women’s Caucus, Ms. Pranom Somwong, Women’s Caucus and APWLD member, highlighted and urged attention on key concerns of the blueprint.

Pranom also rightly  stressed on the extension network of Women’s Caucus, calling for ASEAN to partner with women’s network like Women’s Caucus. She stated “With over 100 women’s groups/organizations, and assuming each organization’s strengths and further reach to women, Women’s Caucus has extensive network of women. ASEAN needs to work with women’s network”.

Pranom’s key presentation is as follow:

Women’s Rights are Human Rights.  

We cannot arbitrarily separate and look at the issues concerning women from just one of the 3 perspective, i.e. the Political-Security, Economic, and Socio-Cultural. We have to understand that women’s issues are cross-cutting and must be seen from a unified holistic view point rather that the present artificial separation in the approach undertaken by ASEAN. It is good that finally there is this realization in ASEAN that has brought us here today.

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WC and APWLD in 2nd APF/ACSC 2014 Regional Consultation

Yangon, Oct 20-21:

Two APWLD representatives and three Women’s Caucus representatives (see list at end) attended 2nd Regional Consultation for APF/ACSC 2014 in Yangon from Oct 20 to 21. Interventions were duly made by representatives as required, along with sharing of experiences by Thida, Chalida, Chang and Pranom.

With 68 Burmese representatives and 34 Regional representatives present during the meeting, decisions were made on agendas for three day APF, plenary, budget, registration fees, etc. While, decision on Interface meeting, workshops, etc are pending.  During the two day meeting, all Committees viz. Steering, Program, Drafting, Media, Logistics, etc brainstormed and presented on their discussions as well.

Steering Committee also held press conference informing about developments in preparation for APF/ACSC 2014. During the press conference, Steering Committee members Myo Min and May May pyone explained to the press about APF/ACSC 2014. Ms. May May pyone is Women’s Caucus Burmese Focal point as well. During the press conference, Steering Committee stressed “It is crucial that the conference be organized by civil society for civil society, upholding principles of cooperation, transparency and democracy.”


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Women’s Caucus participation in 6th Regional Consultation on ASEAN and Human Rights

1-2 October, Jakarta, Indonesia-

Thida Khus[1], Coordinating Group member and Focal Point for Cambodia, represented Women Caucus during the 6th Regional Consultation on ASEAN and Human Rights. The Consultation had over 80 participants from more than 59 organizations, both within and outside the ASEAN region gathered to discuss a range of issues, including strategies for bringing about meaningful engagement with ASEAN human rights mechanisms.

The two main issues discussed during the Consultation were the review of the AICHR Terms of Reference (TOR) which should commence in 2014; and the issue of business and human rights in ASEAN. Recommendatory statements were also produced on the same issues. (The statements can be found at Forum Asia website.)

Out of 6 sessions, Thida Khus on behalf of Women’s Caucus presented on the SouthEast Asian Women’s Caucus’s experience on working with AICHR and ACWC. Khus gave significant contribution to the discussion, particularly on ways to looks forward on how CSOs could work effectively in promoting  the effective mechanisms on human rights by supporting the AICHR and ACWC.  Continue reading

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