Need of strong Accountability on ASEAN Regional Plan of Action on elimination of VAW

19 June, 2015

The Southeast Asian Women´s Caucus on ASEAN has demanded stronger accountability mechanism in ASEAN region on the elimination of Violence against women (VAW) in its submission to the ACWC-ACW Working Group.  Welcoming the initiative under the leadership of ACWC (ASEAN Commission on the promotion and protection of rights of Women and Children) and ACW (ASEAN Committee on Women) to substantiate and actualize ASEAN’s commitment to eliminate VAW, Women’s Caucus provided comments in the letter and also direct edits into the first draft document of ASEAN Regional Plan of Action (RPA) on elimination of Violence against Women.

Women’s Caucus called for ASEAN’s urgent attention on VAW and for elimiantion of VAW be taken as priority.  It said “Even after the twenty years since the adoption of Beijing Declaration, there has been little improvement in the elimination of VAW, and ASEAN has unacceptably high rates of violence against women. ”

The Women’s Caucus also stressed to recognize that actions which nullify economic rights and fundamental freedoms of women are internationally recognized as forms of violence against women. Further, it states, “It is critical to mention that the document should also address the fact that violence against women is also perpetrated by the state and non-State actors including transnational corporations.

Much needed reaffirmation that ending VAW is a shared effort by all nationals and the regional community as a whole, was also mentioned. Women’s Caucus also demanded that the draft Regional Plan of Action include ‘Accountability and Transparency’ as additional guiding principle.  Some other important issues stressed in the submission were need of monitoring, reporting, and redress mechanisms and on need of clear targets for each actions aimed in the Regional Plan of Action.

The submitted letter can  be accessed here- WC Submission_RPAonEVAW_ACWC.ACW_06.15-FInal.

The direct edits (in red font color) and comments into the First draft ASEAN Regional Plan of Action on elimination of VAW can be accessed here- WC_ Direct Edits_First Draft RPA on EVAW.190615.

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