WC and APWLD in 2nd APF/ACSC 2014 Regional Consultation

Yangon, Oct 20-21:

Two APWLD representatives and three Women’s Caucus representatives (see list at end) attended 2nd Regional Consultation for APF/ACSC 2014 in Yangon from Oct 20 to 21. Interventions were duly made by representatives as required, along with sharing of experiences by Thida, Chalida, Chang and Pranom.

With 68 Burmese representatives and 34 Regional representatives present during the meeting, decisions were made on agendas for three day APF, plenary, budget, registration fees, etc. While, decision on Interface meeting, workshops, etc are pending.  During the two day meeting, all Committees viz. Steering, Program, Drafting, Media, Logistics, etc brainstormed and presented on their discussions as well.

Steering Committee also held press conference informing about developments in preparation for APF/ACSC 2014. During the press conference, Steering Committee members Myo Min and May May pyone explained to the press about APF/ACSC 2014. Ms. May May pyone is Women’s Caucus Burmese Focal point as well. During the press conference, Steering Committee stressed “It is crucial that the conference be organized by civil society for civil society, upholding principles of cooperation, transparency and democracy.”


Steering Committee’s one of key decision was not to accept donations/sponsorships (cash or kind) from corporations, even if it is with ‘no strings attached’.

Meanwhile Program Committee’s one of key decision was to come with concept note with objectives of each plenary, review sub-topics under each cluster, develop policy and guideline for workshops, etc. The first draft is to be circulated on 15 November, and Final draft on 1st December.  The final Cluster list, plenary list, registration fees is also to be circulated soon. During APF/ACSC 2014, side events like exhibitions, camps, etc will also be encouraged.

The committees and CSOs will meet again on 3rd Regional Consultation, of which date will be decided after the information about dates for AICHR’s 1st meeting for 2014 in Burma.


Additionally, APWLD/Women’s Caucus members also sought opportunity to have their own brief meeting where following decisions were done regarding APF/ACSC 2014:

  1. Adopt common agenda from Women’s Caucus network for the APF/ACSC 2014 so as to assert on WC’s position on emerging issue.  The agenda identified was on ‘calling for feminist development framework within ASEAN’. This agenda was identified with realization on need of ASEAN to integrate women’s issues, and to assess how ASEAN system addresses the actual situation of women.
  2. Out of Two workshops Quota for each organization, Women’s Caucus (with APWLD or other partners) will conduct workshop related to (i) VAW and (ii) ASEAN Economic Community, so as to bring out women’s concerns, esp. from rural areas.
  3. Grassroots and community based organizations to be Target Audience of workshops, who will be made aware about regional structures and linkages will be established with such women’s groups. (Further deliberation on how can target audience be brought into/involved needs to be done.)
  4. The output of the workshops will be Statement, targeted to be incorporated in Joint CSOs statement of APF/ACSC 2014. Such statement will also be the basis for Work plan for Women’s Caucus’s continued work in 2014 onwards.
  5. Preparations for these two workshops are to be encouraged in national groups.
  6. Involvement of local women to share their experience will be targeted.
  7. Other activities like women’s march, women’s camp could also be considered.Image

Furthermore, on 22nd morning, APWLD and WC representatives also sat down with few Burmese representatives to discuss on possible linkages. Decisions made were:

  1. Burmese contact points to do mapping of organizations and of resources they have (expertise wise)
  2. Mapping of issues that women face requiring attention
  3. Plan for workshop back to back with 3rd Regional Consultation, based on mapping results (with APWLD &/or WC)

Representatives from WC and APWLD were:

From Women’s Caucus:

  1. 1.       Thida Khus/WC Cambodia Focal Point/Silaka
  2. 2.       Sumitha Krishna/WC Malaysia/WAO
  3. 3.       Aye Aye Cho alias Su Su/WC co-focal point Burma/Women’s League of Burma)

Additionally, following WC members were also present in their separate capacity:

  1. 1.       Chang Jordan/Women’s Legal and Human Rights Bureau/Philippines;
  2. 2.       Inthana Bouphasavanh/Association for Development of Women and Legal Education(ADWLE)/Laos;
  3. 3.       Chalida Tajaroensuk/People’s Empowerment Foundation/Thailand;
  4. 4.       Pranom Somwong/Mekong Migration Network/APWLD/Thailand

From APWLD Secretariat:

  1. 1.       Wint Thiri Aung
  2. 2.       Sunee Singh

More information on APF/ACSC 2014 preparation can be sought from: apfsecretariat2014@gmail.com.

More information on Women’s Caucus engagement in APF/ACSC 2014 can be sought from sunee@apwld.org

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