Women’s Caucus participation in 6th Regional Consultation on ASEAN and Human Rights

1-2 October, Jakarta, Indonesia-

Thida Khus[1], Coordinating Group member and Focal Point for Cambodia, represented Women Caucus during the 6th Regional Consultation on ASEAN and Human Rights. The Consultation had over 80 participants from more than 59 organizations, both within and outside the ASEAN region gathered to discuss a range of issues, including strategies for bringing about meaningful engagement with ASEAN human rights mechanisms.

The two main issues discussed during the Consultation were the review of the AICHR Terms of Reference (TOR) which should commence in 2014; and the issue of business and human rights in ASEAN. Recommendatory statements were also produced on the same issues. (The statements can be found at Forum Asia website.)

Out of 6 sessions, Thida Khus on behalf of Women’s Caucus presented on the SouthEast Asian Women’s Caucus’s experience on working with AICHR and ACWC. Khus gave significant contribution to the discussion, particularly on ways to looks forward on how CSOs could work effectively in promoting  the effective mechanisms on human rights by supporting the AICHR and ACWC.  Khus also made contribution of adding that “AICHR must ensure accountability and accessibility of AICHR to the public.”

Khus was significantly quoted in the Jakarta Post in the article titled “Address trafficking for better handling of human rights.”  The article can be accessed at:


For more information, kindly contact Thida Khus at thida_khus@silaka.org or Sunee at Sunee@apwld.org


[1] Thida Khus is the Executive Director of SILAKA

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