WC Indonesian Focal Point Kalyanamitra organize discussion on the Role of ASEAN Human Rights Mechanism in Elimination of VAW

 Sep, 19, Jakarta-

 Kalyanamitra supported by the Women’s Caucus, UN Women and CIDA held a discussion on the theme: “The role of the AImageSEAN Human Rights Mechanism in Elimination of Violence Against Women “ on September 19, 2013. The event moderated by Valentina Sagala from Institute of Women had two speakers namely H.E. Rafendi Djamin (Representative of Indonesia to AICHR) and Rena Herdiyani of Kalyanamitra.

 The program saw discussion on AICHR’s 5 year work plan, AICHR’s plan on ASEAN Convention on VAW and ASEAN Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women and of Violence against Children.

 Notably H.E. Rafendi Djamin stressed that AHRD is still under international human rights standards. His remarks echoed with Women’s Caucus’s position that AICHR could focus to encourage ASEAN member states to ratify needed conventions and implement/fulfill current obligations rather than making new Convention.

 Mr. Rafendi kindly informed that “The ASEAN Convention on Violence Against Women has not started in drafting process, because there is no consensus within the AICHR’. Indonesia had rejected the plan of the Convention based on the AICHR’s experience in ASEAN Human Rights Declaration.  

 Mr. Rafendi further stated “The Perception of AICHR representatives is not at same par regarding the international human rights standards, therefore AICHR still need to learn how to make the appropriate legal instruments of international human rights standards”

 Other main assertions/info/remarks during the program were:

  • The issue of women in the socio-cultural pillar and the human rights issues in the political security pillar drew criticism during the program, as women’s issues and human rights is cross cutting issue for all pillars of ASEAN community.
  • AICHR as an overarching institution should play a role in ensuring human rights perspective in the implementation of the ASEAN blueprint in 3 pillars of ASEAN community
  • The lack of coherence and synergy between the three pillars of the ASEAN community was also pointed out.
  • AICHR’s further plans for regional meeting this year on” Millennium Development Goals in the Context of the ASEAN Community for this year’ was shared
  • H.E. Rafendi Djamin expressed his hope to get support from women’s organizations through inputs/information/data relevant to the issue of violence against women to carry out the AICHR work plans, including Thematic studies on issues of migration and human rights, the issue of trafficking in persons, especially women and children, the issue of women and children in armed conflict and natural disasters, and juvenile justice.
  • Initiative of ACWC to make a declaration to encourage the elimination of violence against women and children in ASEAN countries was appreciated. While criticisms were also discussed, particularly on difficulty for CSOS to receive the draft of declaration and lack of consultation with civil society such as Indonesia and Philippines.
  • AICHR currently working on a draft on alignment between the ASEAN commission and sectoral bodies, and CSO engagement guidelines. This could be helpful for better coordination/communication and working mechanism between AICHR and ACWC and with Civil society.

 For more information, please contact: Rena Herdiyani at ykm@indo.net.id or Sunee at Sunee@apwld.org

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