Indonesian CSOs prepare for the ACWC-CSO talks on VAW and VAC

by Rena Herdiyani, Kalyanamitra, Indonesia

On 11 January 2012 in Jakarta, the Indonesian representative for ACWC in collaboration with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and Women Empowerment and Child Protection of Indonesia (MOWECP) initiated a dialogue with Indonesian civil society organizations (CSOs). The dialogue aimed to collect inputs on the issues, challenges and recommendation around violence against women (VAW) and violence against children (VAC). This was in preparation for the Consultative Meeting between ACWC and UN Expert on the Issue of VAW and VAC from 16-17 January 2012  in Manila, Philippines.

During the dialogue, parties agreed to raise the issues of VAW and VAC and develop lobbying strategies in the meeting, since some issues are very sensitive for certain ASEAN countries. One of these is VAW in the context of migration. Other recommendations of Indonesian CSOs to the ACWC include:

  • Urge ASEAN countries to develop standard definition of VAW and VAC. Reference must be made to the international human rights standards.
  • Identify the prepetator of violence – state, pubic officer, individual in the private sphere, corporations, among others.
  • Clarify the prevention and protection procedures/mechanisms for VAW and VAC.
  • Develop an integrated data base of VAW and VAC among ASEAN countries.
  • Develop a systematic reporting mechanism that is accessible to victims of violence, especially for some sensitive issues, such as victim of violence based on religion or in situations of conflict.
  • Endorse a platform where polices concerning women and experience in handling the cases of VAW and VAC can be shared across ASEAN.
  • Evaluate the work of ACWC periodically.
  • Ensure the participation of children in every meeting of ACWC.
  • Monitor/review the implementation all of ASEAN intruments related with VAW and VAC.

Prior to the dialogue, Rita Serena Kolibonso, Indonesian representative for women’s human rights at ACWC, shared ACWC’s more recent activities and immediate plans. These activities included the informal meeting with CSOs in Solo, Indonesia at the end the 3rd ACWC meeting (6 to 8 September 2011). The 3rd ACWC meeting resulted in the Rule of Procedure (ROP). She added that the ACWC workplan is still being finalized. Another activity was the meeting between ACWC and the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR) on the alignment of their respective mandates and operations in November in Bali. However, there is still no clear decision on this issue.  AICHR is said to have not yet responded to ACWC’s inputs. A consultation on ASEAN Framework Cooperation with UNICEF was also held from 1 to 2 December 2011 in Bali, resulting in a long-term cooperation between ACWC and UNICEF. ACWC has also launched a website that features the results of its meetings.

Among those who participated at the dialogue were representatives from the National Commission on Anti VAW, Kalyanamitra, Keppak Perempuan, Human Rights Working Group (HRWG), AMAN, and the Ministry of Women Empowerment.

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